Travel Guide to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city of the U.S., which is a renowned tourist destination for the last decades. This sprawling metropolis is the largest city in the California that has gained fame through its indigenous diversity, ultra-modern culture and its impeccable charm. This popular city has been a dream destination for many travelers and also is a favorite spot for the ones who are always charged up with fun and enthusiasm. Nicknamed as the City of Angles, Los Angeles is an amazing place to discover new fashion trends, culture and is an entertainment hub of the world. So, while you are planning to take yourself to this dreamland, here are the top hot spots that shall be visited to make the best of your vacation.

  1. The J. Paul Getty Museum: The J Paul Getty Museum, also known as the Getty, is an art museum, which was established in 1974. It is the most visited museum in the United States with a record of 1.3 million visitors annually. A visit to Los Angeles would be incomplete if you don’t explore the grace of this art museum that treasures the works of David Hockney, Richard Meier, etc. Not only this, the spectacular views of the gardens, parks and the ocean will make your trip worthwhile.

  2. Griffith Park: This is another breathtaking spot in Los Angeles that is going to leave you awestruck. It is actually a large park located at the end of the Santa Monica Mountains, which is spread in an area of 4,310 hectares. Explore a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna and other attractions, such as Griffith Observatory, Autry National Center, Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles Zoo, Bronson Canyon, etc. You can even enjoy a hike and bike trail and have unlimited fun at this amazing spot.

  3. Griffith Park

  4. Universal Studios Hollywood: And how can a trip to Los Angeles be over without catching a sight of your favorite Hollywood star? Well, this goes without saying and explaining why we have picked up these incredible spots for you on your trip to L.A. There are rides, amusement parks, characters and scenes from popular movies and shows that will make you wonder in joy. It is a wonderful place, especially for kids as they can roam aimlessly with their favorite cartoon characters and enjoy thoroughly.

  5. Universal Studios Hollywood

  6. Santa Monica Pier and Beach: This 100-year old landmark is a large double-jointed pier on the Santa Monica beach in the Colorado Avenue that happens to be one of the best beaches in the United States. Water sports, family amusement park and live performances make this spot a definite stopover for your vacation in Los Angeles. The 3 mile long shoreline makes a perfect option for a beach walk and delving into the hidden vistas of its impeccable charm. It is also one of the best nightlife beaches in the country.

  7. Santa Monica Pier and Beach

  8. Venice Beach: Located on the Westside of the Los Angeles city, this sandy three-mile long beach is another cool hotspot that makes your vacation all the more interesting and memorable. It is a perfect place to hang out and relax for all the age groups. You can eat, drink, dance and do whatever your heart says while being here. The vibrant ambiance of this amazing beach is something you just can’t ignore and let go easily. So, pack up your bags and get ready for a fun-filled vacation.

  9. Venice Beach

While you go through these fascinating places, do not forget to book a cheap flight to Los Angeles to make some magical memories.

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