Ways to Fall Asleep on a Plane

Traveling long haul have many impacts on our body. Where at one place we all are worried about the jet lags, we often spend days thinking about the things we are going to do and places we are about to visit. In this restless situation, we often forget about a major problem of falling asleep during the flight. Many flights, especially if you are traveling to Asia or beyond, have longer travel time and some may require traveling during the night. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, you might waste a couple of days from your trip just recovering from lack of sleep you had to face during your flight. In order to prevent such situation and offer you the most spellbinding travel experience, Travelation have brought travel tips about ways to fall asleep on a plane:

  1. Bring your own sleeping kit


Unless you are traveling in premium class or in a five star airline, you might require some basic stuff that is mandatory to have a good night sleep without any interruption. Say for an instant, while traveling long haul, you might require a neck pillow, sleep mask, earplugs and compression socks. Also, if you love to read and have some great books in your collection, bring them along and keep them in your carry-on baggage. In many cases, there are chances that the airline you are traveling with will provide you an amenity kit comprising all the stuff, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Give up caffeine and alcohol on flight


Consuming caffeine and alcohol during the flight prevents you from falling asleep. Unless you are looking forward to work on something till late night or wish to remain restless because of the toxic effects of alcohol, it is advised to prevent consuming on coffee, tea or alcohol during the flight. Also, try to stay away from the snacks trolley that have ample of stuff to keep you dry mouth as well as restless during a long-haul flight. In case, you need something to drink, follow the basic fluids pattern comprising water, herbal tea and more that are easily available on the flight.

  1. Avoid using entertainment unit/laptop/mobile phone


Anything with bright light may keep your mind in working state whether you like it or not. In case you are looking forward to some entertainment through laptop, entertainment options provided by the respective airline and mobile phones, it is advised to stay away for at least a couple of hours prior an attempt to sleep. Usage of the devices of similar categories will not only keep your mind active and restless, they can also put a strong strain on your eyes when all the lights are dim on the aisle. Try reading a book instead or chit chat with fellow travelers that will keep you entertained as well as prevent any physical or mental strain.

  1. Take shorter sleep before the day of travel


Tired body and mind helps to fall asleep no matter whether you are in a bus, train or flight. So, unless you have a short-haul flight that takes only a bunch of hours of flight, you better take lesser sleep before the day of your travel to keep you tired and help falling asleep easily. This way, you are not only devoting a lot more time in packing light, but also giving your body a direction about when to get relaxed. Also, put some alarms for at least 30 minutes prior to the landing of your flight that will help you to get active for the check-out procedure.

  1. Selection of Seat


We all know that traveling with a window seat will offer some marvelous view of the horizon as well as the land we are traveling above. However, window seats are also helpful to fall asleep where you can lean over the wall of the plan and enjoy a wonderful nap without disturbing anyone or getting disturbed by the activities going on at the aisle. Whenever you are planning to fall asleep, make sure to curtain the window to avoid any light flash disturbing your nap. To make sure of getting a desired seat, you must try to check the seat plan at the time of online check-in where you can determine your seat.

There are several other ways of falling asleep like listening to some white noise music that is available all over the internet. You can also pop some pills for the same, but it is advised to avoid such steps as sleeping pills can cause blood clots and DVT. If you like the article about the travel tips of falling asleep during the flight, keep on following Travelation and get updated with the latest travel tips with us.

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