World’s Most Affordable Destinations for Solo Travelers

Traveling is enjoyable no matter whether you are with your family, friends or someone you love. Yet there are certain places that require to pack the bags alone and fly away. These places require thorough research and a pre-planning based on the safety, attractions and budget. Following are the world’s most affordable destinations for solo travelers that will help you to have a quality time for yourself while keeping the passion of traveling alive in the vein:

London, England


The British capital known to be the cultural, financial and political epicenter of the nation, London plays the most important role in the tourism of the England. The striking skyscrapers, stunning boulevards and adorable culture of the city is absolutely perfect for a solo traveler. The safety of the city is also quite impressive, making London among the safest cities for travelers. Explore the magnificent sites like Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London, London Bridge, British Museum, Buckingham Palace and a number of stunning attractions and have the most tranquillizing time traveling solo at an affordable price in the Europe.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The urban flair of Amsterdam has always been the most striking thing one can come across and when it comes to solo travel on budget, Amsterdam is no lesser than any other metropolitan city of the world. The Dutch capital Amsterdam has been among the safest, most picturesque and indulging cities of the Netherlands and is giving away an indelible experience to voyagers. Visit Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Dam Square, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Heineken Experience Science Center NEMO, The National Maritime Museum and tons of other attractions that are affordable to visit and have quick access with safe passage for solo travelers.

Bangkok, Thailand


Being the capital city of the Thailand and one of the most visited destinations in the Asian region, Bangkok strikes millions of visitors each year, giving them the most memorable experience of exploring the Thai capital and experiencing the vivid collection of attractions. Whether you fond of food, natural sites, historical attractions, shopping or adventure, Bangkok have everything at an affordable price. Being highly visited by voyagers throughout the year, the city has developed a safe and secured environment for solo travelers and offer them a bewitching experience to visit Bangkok again and again.

Auckland, New Zealand


Often acknowledged among the safest and friendliest cities in the world, Auckland is one perfect destination to enjoy solo and get delighted by the fabulous stretch of natural landscapes and captivating culture. Experience the delight of taking pictures of the skyline from the Sky tower deck or go out for a long drive to the outskirts of the city to enjoy a refreshing break, away from every earthly attraction. Auckland is quite a safe city and indulges both male and female tourists from across the world to travel solo and enjoy the shopping, sightseeing, natural expedition and so much more.

Zurich, Switzerland


The home of leading finance industry of the world and renowned for its exquisite natural stretch as well as tremendous architecture, the refreshing metropolis of Zurich is truly a spellbinding city. A perfect combination of diversity and simplicity, Zurich is among the most desired destinations for solo travelers and is quite affordable if you have a budget place to stay as most of the sightseeing and food are quite affordable in Zurich. A safe city for travelers and paramount to enjoy throughout the year, Zurich is a perfect destination to enjoy solo.

The world is really big and sometimes we are unable to find someone to travel along us. With a few travel tips and a bit of planning, you can keep on traveling and enjoy exploring the eternal beauty of the world.

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